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Valley All Staff Directory

September 21, 2012


                     Valley All Staff Directory - in ABC order - if no email listed staff does not have a district email

  Last Name First Name email address  Assignment
Inserted Image Bartenhagen Marha mbartenhagen@nfv.k12.ia.us Elem Special Education
 Inserted Image Bauch Melanie mbauch@nfv.k12.ia.us Middle School Secretary
 Inserted Image Becker Sam sbecker@nfv.k12.ia.us Help Desk & Tech Assist.
   Inserted Image Heather Bettmeng hbettmeng@nfv.k12.ia.us Para Professional
 Inserted Image Bilden Mary mbilden@nfv.k12.ia.us Para Professional
 Inserted Image Billmeyer Joseph   Custodian
 Inserted Image Boleyn Joan   Food Service
 Inserted Image Brackett Susan sbrackett@nfv.k12.ia.us Elem Music/5-8 Band
 Inserted Image Burrack Teresa tburrack@nfv.k12.ia.us Associate
 Inserted Image Butikofer Annette abutikofer@nfv.k12.ia.us Guidance Associate/Library
 Inserted Image Butikofer Cindy cbutikofer@nfv.k12.ia.us Para Professional
 Inserted Image Butikofer Sheryl sbutikofer@nfv.k12.ia.us Elementary Secretary
 Inserted Image Cardo Jonathan jcardo@nfv.k12.ia.us MS Special Education
 Inserted Image Carey Lori lcarey@nfv.k12.ia.us Title I Teacher
 Inserted Image Davis Lisa ldavis@nfv.k12.ia.us Para Professional
 Inserted Image Dralle Brittinae bdralle@nfv.k12.ia.us K-12 Special Education
 Inserted Image Durnan Shirley sdurnan@nfv.k12.ia.us 4 yr. old  Preschool Associate
 Inserted Image Enyart Monica menyart@nfv.k12.ia.us MS Ag Education
 Inserted Image Fennemann Dawn   Food Service
 Inserted Image Fettkether Melissa mfettkether@nfv.k12.ia.us Business Manager/Facility & Grounds Director
  Franzen Jennifer   Bus Driver
 Inserted Image Franzen Mollie mfranzen@nfv.k12.ia.us Para Professional
 Inserted Image Frieden Julie jfrieden@nfv.k12.ia.us Elem/MS Talented & Gifted
 Inserted Image Germann Jamie jgermann@nfv.k12.ia.us Para Professional
 Inserted Image Grant Gail   Custodian
 Inserted Image Halverson Sharlene   Food Service
 Inserted Image Hanson Harold   Bus Driver
 Inserted Image Hart Zetta zhart@nfv.k12.ia.us Kindergarten
 Inserted Image Helgerson Janet jhelgerson@nfv.k12.ia.us 5-8 Vocal Music
 Inserted Image Huston Demi dhuston@nfv.k12.ia.us MS Lang. Arts/Elem. Math/Reading
 Inserted Image Imoehl Sheri simoehl@nfv.k12.ia.us Elem/MS Media Center
 Inserted Image Jacobsen Darcy djacobsen@nfv.k12.ia.us 3 yr. old Preschool Associate
Inserted Image  Jacobsen Kirk kjacobsen@nfv.k12.ia.us 2nd Grade
 Inserted Image Johansen Linda ljohansen@nfv.k12.ia.us MS Music
 Inserted Image Johnson Carol   Food Service
 Inserted Image Johnston Darin djohnston@nfv.k12.ia.us 6th Grade
 Inserted Image Junge Carol cjunge@nfv.k12.ia.us Food Service Director
 Inserted Image Kahler Deb dkahler@nfv.k12.ia.us 4 yr. old Preschool Associate
 Inserted Image Kleve Karen kkleve@nfv.k12.ia.us Para Professional
 Inserted Image Koehn Karen kkoehn@nfv.k12.ia.us Para Professional
 Inserted Image Krambeer Jeaanie jkrambeer@nfv.k12.ia.us MS Reading/Lang. Arts
 Inserted Image Krambeer Matt mkrambeer@nfv.k12.ia.us MS Social Studies
 Inserted Image Lansing Glen glansing@nfv.k12.ia.us Custodian
 Inserted Image Lau Kim klau@nfv.k12.ia.us 4th Grade
 Inserted Image Leuchtenmacher Deb   Food Service
 Inserted Image Linderbaum Amber alinderbaum@nfv.k12.ia.us Elem 3rd/4th Grade
 Inserted Image Link Carol clink@nfv.k12.ia.us Para Professional
 Inserted Image Luzum Kelly kluzum@nfv.k12.ia.us Guidance Counselor
 Inserted Image Madole Robin rmadole@nfv.k12.ia.us MS Math/MS Tech/Elem Math
 Inserted Image McCartney Ardel amccartney@nfv.k12.ia.us Activities Coordinator/Elem.  Associate
 Inserted Image McCarty Sarah smccarty@nfv.k12.ia.us Elem Special Education
 Inserted Image McCready Kami kmccready@nfv.k12.ia.us 3 yr. old Preschool Teacher
 Inserted Image McLellan Lisa lmclellan@nfv.k12.ia.us Para Professional
 Inserted Image Monroe Levirgil lmonroe@nfv.k12.ia.us Physical Education
 Inserted Image Moose Amber amoose@nfv.k12.ia.us MS Special Education
 Inserted Image Nading Carole cnading@nfv.k12.ia.us Supt/Board Secretary/Shared Transportation Director
 Inserted Image Nefzger Betsy bnefzger@nfv.k12.ia.us Instructional Principal/Shared Curric.Director
 Inserted Image Nuss Mark mnuss@nfv.k12.ia.us MS  Social Studies/MS A.D.
 Inserted Image Peterson Kris kpeterson@nfv.k12.ia.us Para Professional/Bus Driver
 Inserted Image Poppen Doug dpopen@nfv.k12.ia.us MS Music
 Inserted Image Quandahl Quentin qquandahl@nfv.k12.ia.us Custodian
 Inserted Image Reierson Carol creierson@nfv.k12.ia.us MS Science
 Inserted Image Reinhardt Shirleen sreinhardt@nfv.k12.ia.us MS Reading/Lang. Arts/Media
 Inserted Image Rich Sharon srich@nfv.k12.ia.us Interim Management Operations Principal
 Inserted Image Schlitter Tracy tschlitter@nfv.k12.ia.us Technology Support Specialist
 Inserted Image Schneider Alayna aschneider@nfv.k12.ia.us Kindergarten/2nd grade reading/math
 Inserted Image Schneider Charles   Custodian
 Inserted Image Schneider Jo jschneider@nfv.k12.ia.us Para Professional
 Inserted Image Schneider Lisa lschneider@nfv.k12.ia.us Para Professional
 Inserted Image Smith Amanda msmith@nfv.k12.ia.us 5th Grade
 Inserted Image Soppe Deb   Food Service
 Inserted Image Strong Robyn rstrong@nfv.k12.ia.us Nurse
 Inserted Image Taylor Rick rtaylor@nfv.k12.ia.us MS Special Education
 Inserted Image Thompson Jenni jthompson@nfv.k12.ia.us MS/Elem Math
 Inserted Image Torkelson Royale rtorkelson@nfv.k12.ia.us Elem. Special Education/ELL
 Inserted Image Wagner Teri twagner@nfv.k12.ia.us Para Professional
 Inserted Image Weber Annette aweber@nfv.k12.ia.us 3rd Grade
 Inserted Image Wenger Kali kwenger@nfv.k12.ia.us  4 yr. old Preschool Teacher
Inserted Image  Wettleson Roger   Bus Driver
 Inserted Image White Leslie   Bus Driver
 Inserted Image Willhite Duane dwillhite@nfv.k12.ia.us Superintendant
 Inserted Image Winter Karen kwinter@nfv.k12.ia.us Elem/MS Art/MS FCS
 Inserted Image Wirtz Stephanie swirtz@nfv.k12.ia.us 1st Grade



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